Gender equality

The research unit is fully committed to the research-oriented standards of gender equality and equal opportunities based on the recommendations of the DFG. All participating universities and the Robert Koch Institute have an established policy aimed at fostering high female participation, including higher ranks of the organisation.

We want to support female scientists by implementing appropriate measures in collaboration with the local gender equality offices of the participating universities and the equal opportunities officer in the research unit. The overall aim is to support gender equality in academia by taking further actions within the projects of the research unit to ensure the compatibility of family life and scientific careers and to promote scientific careers of female scientists.

Actions taken to promote the scientific careers of female scientists

  1. Female scientists in the research unit will be encouraged to join existing mentoring programmes of the universities and financially supported to attend management training and soft-skill courses, career-promoting programmes and advanced training courses outside the local university.
  2. To facilitate gender balance in professorial positions as a short- and long-term target, allowances for advanced training courses will be granted to both young female scientists and female postdoctoral researchers who are preparing a habilitation or seek to apply for a junior professor position.
  3. Opportunities for meetings with female senior scientists to discuss scientific career planning and possible career paths will be provided regularly by the research unit.

Actions taken to ensure compatibility of family and scientific career

  1. Child care during conferences, meetings and events organised by the research unit will be incurred to enable attendance for (male and female) scientists with children.
  2. Financial support will be provided for the utilisation of child care services during the school holidays, as well as for supporting home office hours.
  3. Flexible working conditions for (male and female) scientists with child and family care duties will be created by dedicated student helpers who will take over delegable working duties.