Scope Review from SP4 published

The own and the family’s socio-economic position (SEP) plays a considerable role in health and health-related behaviour of young adults in school-to-work and school-to-university transition (STWT)!

Several studies analyzed that higher family SEP is associated with higher levels of health-promoting behaviour, while young adults with lower family SEP tend to health-damaging behaviour. Read the new Scoping Review to get more information about factors influencing health inequalities of young adults in STWT (open access): https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/12/7/e058273.

Fialho P, Dragano N, Reuter M, Deindl C, Schleberger S, Metzendorf M, Hoffmann S, Diehl K, Wachtler B, Schüttig W, Herke M, Richter M, Pischke C. School-to-work and school-to-university transition and health inequalities among young adults: A Scoping Review. BMJ Open 2022;12:e058273. Link to the publication: https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/12/7/e058273.